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When you're well dressed—you get noticed

Your brand is the clothing your company wears. So, why wouldn't you want your business dressed in Prada?  

We believe every business needs a beautiful and timeless brand to reach its full potential. Seriously—whether it's a part-time side hustle, a full-time corporation, or only open for business on September 25th from 9 am–10 am, we believe branding is an integral part of a business's success. 

Hand Holding Color Swatches


Having just a logo is like wearing a shirt but forgetting to put on your pants and underwear. A brand also includes the company's Mission and Vision Statements, correct/incorrect usage guides for Typography, Color, Photography, Stationery, and (often most crucial) brand Voice. Your company's voice is the tone or personality that is reflected across all platforms.

This persona mirrors your company values and resonates with an audience that represents your customer base. These branding elements inform a consistent image that builds trust and credibility among your customers


We'll walk you through our brand discovery process
Our goal is to discover what makes your company tick and then we'll take some time to research your industry space and mull over all that we know about your business before we even open Adobe Illustrator.

We design logo concepts and present our ideas in one color first 
We passionately believe a good brand always works in one color. We show font discovery, choice options, and a workspace snapshot in case you see a direction in our process you like better. We also present color options separately because we believe you shouldn't pick a logo by its color.

Repeated as needed
But we always aim to hit the mark the first time!

Once a base brand is determined, we create a guide and expand on it
We work to design on-brand stationery, email signatures, social profiles, and other client-facing touchpoints.

Consistency is key—at least that's what they say! 






Branding takes hours of study, a few nights of sleep, a lot-a-bit of caffeine, uninterrupted creativity, and honestly—a little luck.

It is important to note that outstanding brands take time. It's not something you just sit down and WOOSH—an amazing brand is born. What we're trying to say is, trust the process. A well-designed brand can take 3-6 weeks before you might get your first look. But good branding is worth the wait, we promise!

When you brand with GL Design you always get a full logo suite and a simple one-page brand guide. If you want a more formal guide, we can do that too! 


Already have a brand you love and need social media help?

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