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Putting your business in your customer's back pocket.

Having a social presence is critical in today's competitive marketplace. Depending on your industry you might be using Facebook, or you might be using LinkedIn or even something else. It can be overwhelming to run a business and create a steady flow of worthwhile on-brand content while engaging with your customers on multiple platforms. Luckily, GL Design has developed some solutions that allow us to take away some of that pressure! 


All of our social plans include 8+ posts a month with consistent brand voice, intelligent copywriting, branded visuals, a curated hashtag bank, and appropriate tagging.  


Details are important, each post is tailored to fit the content "norms" across any platform. No one likes hashtags on Facebook or links you can't click on Instagram...and sales language doesn't really belong on LinkedIn (a professional networking tool, not a casual social tool). GL Design's expertise of the social landscape ensures your business will look both professional and human on all your social networks.  


We get to know your business
Our team dives deep to find out all they can about your products and services including an in-depth SWOT Analysis so our content is engaging and relevant.

Develop base content topics 
Topics and post frequency are tailored based on our initial discovery and branded elements are created.

Monthly check-in
Our team checks in with all our social clients a few weeks in advance of each month to ensure our content is consistent with current business focus.

Present our "SMP", tweak, and schedule
Clients get a sneak peek of all the content we've developed for the next month in our Social Media Planner. Once content is approved we make sure it's scheduled to go out into the world.

Monitor engagement & network
All of our plans include at least weekly monitoring which means we're staying on top of comments, likes, DMs and more so you don't have to. Some plans include active networking and stories with key content.







Need a website to link your social posts to? We can help.

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