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All of us are digital consumers

We reach for our phones or other devices when we need information—it's got to be available in just a few taps too. Right?  

In a world that lives online, every business needs an engaging website and a clean digital presence. 


GL Design uses Wix, a platform that makes it easy to build modern responsive websites. Wix makes it easy to customize your site down to the pixel and even manipulate the site's mobile display. We're Wix experts and hold the highest level of partner, LEGEND, so you can trust us to know our stuff!

This platform uses a WYSIWYG style editor making it easy for even non-designers to quickly make edits as business changes quickly—especially today. This user-friendly platform at its most basic level also includes customer management, data collection, and Email Marketing (we can help you). 


Your Digital Presence extends beyond your website to Social Media profiles and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). GL Design will help you set up or finesse your Google My Business profile and get it verified. We also work to find/create/update every online listing we can find including any social media profiles.


Wherever your audience is—we want to be sure you're right there giving them all the information they need exactly where they want it. 

Whether you're ready to rebuild your existing site or we're breaking ground on your first, we'll work with you to get your message reeled in and cast far out into the world wide web.  (That's where "www" comes from!)


If you don't have a brand yet and are thinking of a website, start here

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