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Welcome Joyful Grove (Branding)

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Two wonderfully knowledgeable women, Risa and Mary, came to me to help them realize their vision for their new company, Joyful Grove. Joyful Grove is a Wellness and Holistic Health Company out of Beverly, MA. Risa has been an herbalist for many years. Her first experience as an herbalist was with the plantain plant. This plant became the inspiration for this earthy, whole, and natural brand and is featured in the logo, icon, and also used as a pattern.

We created a vibrant color palette pulling inspiration from the basil plant. The rich, vibrant green tones help communicate Joyful Grove's organic and holistic approach to food, gardening, and health. Black has been totally omitted from the brand as true black never occurs in nature so why should it occur in their brand?

The typography was chosen to be timeless, memorable, and also to be able to stand alone without anything else. Amatic Bold was chosen as secondary type which may be switched out over time depending on market trends but this secondary type will serve as the "Voice" of Joyful Grove. When the brand is speaking, in marketing or little notes in collateral, this is the type that will be used. Joyful Grove will be on the rise just in time for Spring 2019. You can check them out and be sure to give them a like on their Facebook page:

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