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Little Sparrow Consulting

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Working in a co-working space is great. You meet people of all walks of life. Lawyers, entrepreneurs, Therapists, Remoters, Ex-Commuters, IT professionals, you name it! With all of these various professions comes a lot of opportunity for collaboration among one another some folks more than others. As a graphic designer, it's a great way to cultivate new clients and help your new friends build their businesses.

Vanessa Hobbs is a highly organized, articulate, and observant entrepreneur who has a background in health and wellness but is ready to put her soft skills to work with her new venture, Little Sparrow Consulting. Vanessa will be focusing on primarily health and wellness professionals who may need a little help developing tiny habits to improve their balance not only in the office but also at home and therefore within themselves. Vanessa strives to extend her knowledge and expertise in organization and self-care through one on one consulting exercises to help get her clients to operate at a level they can feel good about.

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