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2 Weeks Till Trail Day

Just 2 weeks left. Technically just under two weeks now until Kavin beings me to North Adams to hit the Long Trail.

My replacement Merrell’s arrived last week and they’re beautiful. I’m going to break them in with 15 miles on the BCT (Bay Circuit Trail) tomorrow with a full pack. I can’t hardly wait, I’ve made my final orders and I’m just waiting for the last minute gear to arrive.

Lately I’ve been feeling so differen, really relaxed, likely because my mind is really starting to wander more as we get closer. Just dreaming of the solitude and nature and the carefree alternative life ahead of me for a few weeks. A few weeks where all my hard work will have paid off where I won’t have normal worries in front of me. It’s going to be nice. So, so nice.

I’m ready for Vermont!

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