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Day 2 Monadnock Sunapee Greenway

Day 2: Speltoir Shelter to Crider Shelter.

A little over 11 miles today. The gorge just after the shelter this morning was beautiful!!! Got a little later start than we expected, but still made fabulous time! There were three main hills this stretch, the first being the hardest... but we got to rest up and enjoy silver lake where we had a snack and washed up a bit. We enjoyed a diverse conversation with lake host who gave us cherries!

Olivia and I are really starting to get in a groove despite how sore we both are. We settled into camp about 4:00p! Had sour cream mash with summer sausage and Buffalo chicken., now just enjoying the sweet afternoon sun. A small troop of Boy Scouts arrived to use the shelter so tonight were in tents!

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