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Attempt 3, Day 5

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Being back in trail has been an absolute roller coaster of emotions. I’m excited to know the trail where I’ve been but I also am frustrated that I’ve done this twice before. My mind has been a bit of a bear. Telling me that I can’t, that I don’t belong out here, that I’m foolish, that I shouldn’t event bother that it will end in failure again. I refuse to believe it! Hell, it even comes through in my dreams at night.

I’ve had lots of funny moments and lots of laughs out here even through the barrage of negative thinking and fatigued muscles. We’ve been making great miles out here.

We’ve stayed at Seth Warner, the boys saw a bear headed over to Congdon in the bog. We stayed at a stealth .1 from Melville Nauheim where there was a gorgeous fruiting oyster mushroom! Absolutely gorgeous

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