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Day 3 Monadnock Sunapee Greenway

Crider Shelter to General Washington Shelter

Woke up with a suspect spider in my tents fly... possibly a brown recluse?!

Feeling less sore than yesterday morning so we’ll see how it goes. All of these privies are al Fresca it’s kinda funny.

Today was super hard. Not killing you hard but mentally hard. Right in the beginning of our hike there was a little chapel that invited hikers in for some solitude and to pray if they wish. they offered bottled water for us so I went in and asked the higher powers for safe travels... i’m not sure how good it did for us but I try to believe that the energy we put into the world as the energy we receive in return. We passed Parker Hill after a missed turn, then bathed in Robinson Brook Cascade. Much needed salt detox!

We summited Blueberry hill, then Pitcher Mountain where we got our first good look back at Monadnock where we started on Friday morning. Summer sausage is exceptionally tasty by the way. After a short break at pitcher we continued on a highland of berry bushes before going down to climb Hubbard hill. Took a bit but we got there, slow and steady!

We stopped at fox Brook tent site for water and a second break about 8 miles in. Next we climbed Jackson Hill and meandered through another high field. there we got down to a beaver pond. Somewhere in there we hit the halfway point but it all blends together now between Field and dirt road and tick city.

Speaking of ticks, I had two. I cried twice and screamed like a little girl. I flicked probably 10 off while hiking.... not a great time. Olivia and I summited Oak hill with all the mental strength we had left. The entrance was tick ridden and thick. The top was rocky and rough. Both sides deforested.

This was a hard day physically for me, but mentally I felt solid. Olivias spirit broke on top of Oak Hill, but we all have limits. I helped her recover by cooking her soup, cause what else are buddies for? Right?

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