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Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Day 1

Day 1:

White Dot to Dublin Trail to Spieltor Shelter. Roughly 8 miles.

Day started as expected with low traffic on Monadnock but still plenty of visitors. Enjoyed 360 views with decent visibility! A bit windy on top with clouds forming. It started to sprinkle for a few minutes on our decent but quickly cleared up. We walked hard once it flattened out and collected water at a pretty dry source. We had to use the leaf funnel trick!

The next few miles we’re quick and we saw a number of platterful mushrooms and spotted a small flush of chicken of the woods which we carried to camp. Deciding not to eat the cap we placed it on a dead stump hoping it may take hold for next season!

The shelter is extremely clean and well maintained. We’re the only ones here and it’s going to rain all night but clear up just in time for hiking. The lake down the way has loons or at least the trail register claims! The privys don’t have walls so it’s like a literal throne in the forest LOL!

Had Buffalo Mac n cheese. Olivia and I are tired but it’s still light out. We arrived about 5pm it’s now 7:45p. Goodnight!

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