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6 Days Until Trail

Kavin is attending a celebration of life ceremony for his AT thru-Hike “Tramily” member in North Carolina this weekend. I have had ALOT of time in my thoughts thinking about my upcoming adventure.

i have been trying really hard to remain positive and in a good headspace as we approach all of the unknown so quickly. I’ve got a lot of moving parts in my life and it’s taken two years to just accept it Ian what it is and allow it to all settle. I’m going to miss the beach (Im sitting here in Magnolia Harbor sipping a beverage writing this as the sun sets. What a life, right?) I’ve been working over 12 hours a day the last few days and will be in a mad rush to get all my invoices out and bills paid up before Friday afternoon.

I’ve been carefully reading my guides and maps and have done something loose planning for the first two weeks. im hoping to make it to RT-4 by Saturday the 31st to meet Kavin. I’ll first pass through Manchester Center where I hope to stay at a lovely hostel and do laundry around day 4/5 then have lunch at a highly recommended deli .75 off trail near Rutland. I’m hoping to average about 10.5 miles a day.

Time is moving too quick but not quickly enough. I will post addresses for post offices I will visit soon for those of you hoping to mail me care packages and


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