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All the Aches and Pains

Hiked for the entire day. 8:30a-7:30p 15+ miles from Peru Peak to Greenwall Shelter. It’s supposed to rain tonight and I’ve decided to bail on the trail so I wanted to be as close to April’s car as possible. I can’t wait to get home. I have no idea how people hike 2k miles. It’s seriously insane. I’ve done nearly 90 miles and most of it alone. I can’t imagine going back in alone. So I’m going home. Home to my kitty cat and my sweet love.

I had a really tough day with my left ankle again. Something is just not right with it. Had to take two naproxen to get it to stop screaming.

We passed a really pretty Pond with a lone loon in it. It was super lovely. We also passed a beautiful river with a shelter right by it too.

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