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Bromley and Peru Peak with April

Slept at the trailhead with Kavin last night. On route 11/30. Ended up in the car at 4a due to to a bear sniffing around camp. I wanted nothing to do with that. Poor Kavin was super upset that I’ve been having a hard time on trail... I wish I was less nervous and afraid than I am :(.

We picked up April at route 140 at 9:30a and headed back to Manchester Center. We got some more fuel and resupplied. Picked up a stray hiker “swing blade” in the Walgreens parking lot and brought him back to trail too but not before some McDonalds and the liquor store.

We all headed up Bromley and made it to Peru Peak Shelter in seriously record time before the sun set too even though we started at 11:30a!

There was some trail magic at Mad Tom Notch Road. Had a Mountain Dew and a slice of watermelon! The man took our pictures and we headed out.

Had a good time at camp and taught Zippo and Swing Blade how to PCT hang again haha. I guess I learned a valuable skill out here :)

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