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Day 3 on the LT

Melville Nauhiem to Kid Gore. 13 Miles up over Glastenbury Mtn.

Headed out later than usual at 9:30. My bag was untouched! Was easier to get down than to put up... files my water and headed on my way. Wildflower, Five Plates, Guitarded and Kevin we’re headed for Story Spring and I was headed to Goddard as I wanted a shorter day. Turns out I’m stronger than I think and I made it to Goddard by 2:30. Too early. Summited Glastonbury Mountain at 3700’ and climbed the firetower to find out I should have removed my pack. I hadn’t seen anyone in hours. I cursed the whole way up and I may have seen a bear....

Kid Gore was only 4 miles ahead so I figured I’d get there by 6/7 latest. I succeeded! I was pretty exhausted and I cried like 3 times today. I’m on my sleeping bag and all my chores are done. There’s a bear box here so no need to hang food. I wanted to quit today but I can’t get out haha so I guess I’m going to stay. The Canadians are here again and there’s a fantastic view :) looking forward to sunrise!

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