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Day 4. (The “Nero”)

Decided I was flat out beat, my legs weren’t working so I took a “Nero” or near zero.

I’m freaking beat. Taking a beating today 5 miles ahead at the very next Shelter from Kid Gore, Story Spring. Got here about 1 and ate way more than I have been since I started. I think I’m beat and need rest. Will drink lots of iced tea and more for supper so tomorrow I can get over Stratton and as far to Manchester Center as possible. Tons of birds feathers and caterpillars of all sorts today. Glad to not be pushing 12/14 miles today.

A couple just showed up and I’m glad as hell cause I didn’t want to be alone at this camp. I started a fire but it’s almost out. I have almost no energy so it’s tough to motivate myself to to simple chores. I miss my Tarzan. He’s good at the chores.

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