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Deciding Revenge

I stayed home and cleaned my house. I had trouble sleeping, especially Monday night. I didn’t recognize my house as home as stupid as that sounds. Everything looked strange and my bed wasn’t comfortable... I squished myself between the wall and the bed edge... I tossed and turned... I hated it. I basically just spent the rest f the days crying that I didn’t finish and mad that I couldn’t be happy.

I helped Kavin with some chores and then decided that I needed to go back to VT. I asked a few people if they would go on an all out two day trek fest with me to cover 24+ miles from RT-140–Killington. Juliana surprised me and said “yes, I’m in!” Unreal.

I can’t believe I‘m going back to VT. I‘m scared. I‘m still hurting from last time. My knees are popping and ankles still are not right. But, it needs to happen.

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