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Five days without a shower on the Long Trail...

Welp. Climbed Stratton today! Wasn’t bad, blew through nearly 8/9 miles by 12:30p! Granted, mostly downhill but I’m pleased I’m feeling better. I knew better than to leave my pack on this time for the fire tower and got to go all the way up this time! Such a great view.

Saw A LOT more people on trail today and that was nice. I enjoyed the day I think haha. When I got to Stratton Pond, I decided to stay with the impending rain and my aching ankles. I took two ibuprofen and slammed a pot of knorr Spanish rice and buffalo style tuna mixed in. That was amazing. I hate tuna but this was great! So hungry!

Went down to the lake and took a half swim and got water :) there were really cute aquatic salamanders. Looking forward to my iced coffee tomorrow in Manchester!

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