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Getting Out of the Woods

Woke up hateful. It was so dark last night in the shelter my eyes saw little white sparks when I tried to look around. I don’t think I’ve seen a darker night. It poured all night long on the shelters awesome tin roof. I love that sound so at least there was that going...

I had some nice conversations with some women from NJ and a few thru hikers. Really cool and no one can explain why the hell we are all out here doing this long distance thing... it’s truly absurd. I had a peanut butter and trail mix tortilla and headed out.

I refused to filter water even though I had 11 miles to town. I just sort of pushed on. Today was definitely VERMUD. I was so mad I cried a few times... idk how the hell I made it out today. I was tired, sore, salty, and stinky. But, I saw a beautiful chipmunk who let me get super close, and I saw a million Eastern Newts! Then when I wanted to sit down for the millionth time, a bald eagle screamed over my head, it made me keep going.

Finally I made it to the road and I got my first hitch! Four men and their golf bags in a pick up pulled over for my thumb and brought me to the Econo Lodge :) I’m so happy to have had a shower and I walked my butt into town for a beer, a pickle, snacks, and a McDonald’s quarter pounder meal! I’m still hungry but ignoring it until breakfast haha :) Hooray for a bed!

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