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Good morning Day 2

Day 1:

Didn’t start last night like I originally anticipated but we had both been up since 4:30a Friday so we slept in the parking lot across from the Greylock Community Club. We woke up a little wet from two people creating condensation in my 1P... but other than that slept ok. We left at 8am for trail and made it to the Seth Warner Shelter by 3p. Decided to stay here and get a good nights rest before Kavin leaves in the morning and I have to continue alone.

Right now Kavins making a fire :) I’m pretty happy. Had a good half hour at lunch where I almost broke down because I was hungry tired and had a massive headache. My body is just adjusting to the idea and the lifestyle :) Carry on! 3 miles plus approach trail done. 269 left.

Day 2:

good morning! Said goodbye to Kevin it was really hard but sucked it up and turned north and walked away because nothing would make it faster . He’ll be back for me on Friday night hopefully in Killington but will be in touch in between.

It rained a little bit last night but was clear by the morning we had a nice little fire I had some oatmeal and now I’m eating some peanut butter crackers as I post this on top of the ridge .

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