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Leaving Vermont

It rained all night and all day. We left super early this morning. Said goodbye to swing blade and zippo and walked out 1.8 to RT-140 in the pouring rain. It was hard. My body was sore, beat, mentally drained... I almost took the wrong trail, luckily April noticed the sharp right. I’m glad to have chosen to go home. I just could not imagine going back into the woods alone especially in the rain. These last 10 days left me in such a way.

April drove us home but we stopped in Claredon, NH... an old mill town sort of like Dover and we are breakfast at an over crowded, understaffed trolley car diner somewhere not far from Downtown.

We gratefully paid and continued to Smolak Farms to meet up with Kavin and enjoy what was left of the Fall Festival weekend as well as set me up with a ride home ;).

I was so happy to see Kavin. I also learned to accept how filthy I was, and not be self conscious! I mean, for God’s sakes I’ve been hiking up and down and up and down for the last 10 days. I was greeted so excitedly by Kavins co-workers, it was so nice to feel admired. I had some apple cider donuts and a peach sangria too!

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