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To Show We Care [brand refresh]

My job was to help take the 2SWC brand and clean it up a little bit and create marking materials that excite, involve, and encourage donations. 2SWC has a pretty permanent donation table that is staffed at every NSMT show in their lobby as pictured below which I created a banner, a table runner, a poster, and a tri-fold for as well as updated their brand and business cards. We really did a re-haul on their materials some are not even shown. 2SWC hopes to grow their organization beyond the North Shore. They hope to grow down the east coast and eventually nationwide.


To Show We Care or "2SWC" is a local charity in Gloucester looking to bring joy to people battling with cancer and other serious illness through the magic of theatre. 2SWC teams up with North Shore Music Theatre to put on events for these patients, their caregivers, and family to help them escape the battle for just a little while and not worry about a thing.

Though their logo suggests "Admit 2" it is more about togetherness as often many people will join together with one patient to enjoy 2SWC's free events. These events however, are not free and 2SWC does a significant amount of fundraising among the community to help pay for the tickets, the catering pre-show and post-show as well as advertising. 

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