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Zero in Manchester Center

Woke up about 7... slept pretty good. Took an ibuprofen and lazed around for a little longer... I remembered they have breakfast at the hotel so I got up and had two hard boiled eggs. A bagel and a small donut with two glasses of OJ... I then went and washed up again in my room and packed my gear. I charged all my stuff and left for town to do laundry and wait for Kavin.

On my way in a nice couple beeped at me and my big pack and offered me a ride to town. I was very excited to not walk another mile! I got my clothes washed, all of them, because I’m Trail towns, you get “loaner clothes” to wear while you wash all of yours!

After laundry I found five plate, wildflower, Kevin, and guitarded outside he liquor store, they’re skipping up to Wallingford... so I’ll see them later I guess. I also ended up seeing Chipper and his girlfriend who drove all the way from Ohio to see him for the weekend! Crazy! They’re staying in town through Sunday so I’ll see him later. I walked a mile to Dunkin’ and got my first PSL of the season :) met some nice ladies who are working on a farm that later I ate cheese curds from at depot street burgers! Lunch was unfortunately $30! :X.

Now I’m sitting down at the “river walk” it’s 4:30p and Kavin should be here in a little over an hour... I hope! I’m really bored and out of things to do. I kind of want to go home but I’ve got a long hike to still attempt here... I think it’s boredom that’s killing me.

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